Our Beliefs

Swift Creek is a church where you can sharpen your Uplook , your Inlook , and your Outlook.

It is our conviction that a healthy faith nurtures…

  • our relationship with God through the teachings of the Scriptures and through excellent worship. (Uplook)
  • our relationship with one another through small groups and various other intergenerational fellowship opportunities. (Inlook)
  • our relationship with the World by actively engaging our community and beyond through both service and evangelism. We are bridge builders, not wall builders. (Outlook)

You will find Swift Creek to be a vital family of faith that is Christ centered with a high view of Scripture and a confidence in the grace and mercy of God.

Ministry Philosophy

Passion for Christ, Compassion for People 

I See a Church…

Growing Disciples through…

Exalting Christ, Nurturing Community, Serving the World 

A church that is…

Exalting Christ: Uplook

  • A place where we worship Jesus as Lord with creativity, imagination, excellence and joy.
  • A place where the scriptures are valued as trustworthy and authoritative and are taught with confidence and conviction
  • An intergenerational family where Seniors, Children and Youth are full and valuable partners.

Nurturing Community: Inlook

  • A fellowship of trust that cares enough to be open and honest with one another. A place where people take time to be involved in one another’s lives.
  • A safe place for people who need healing in their lives, where the broken-winged birds of this world find the compassion of Jesus and where people who do not yet know what they believe are welcomed and made to feel comfortable.
  • A place of eager and growing followers of Jesus that accepts people where they are in the journey but calls them to their best selves through a Spirit-led process of spiritual formation, involvement and community.

Serving the World: Outlook

  • A fellowship that cares deeply for those in our immediate neighborhoods who have not yet heard the life-changing news of the gospel of grace in terms that they can understand and respond to.
  • A place that is a launching pad, equipping people and helping them identify their passion and find their place of service in the world as followers of Christ.
  • A fellowship that understands the power of collaboration and networking, and is willing to partner with others who claim the Lordship of Jesus for the greater good of God’s kingdom throughout the world.
  • A fellowship of people that builds bridges, not walls, in a disinterested and hurting world.

A church that is a place of expectation and hope.

Swift Creek Presbyterian Church is a PC (USA) church.