About Us

About Us

Swift Creek Today

Swift Creek Presbyterian is an intergenerational church with ministries for children, youth, and adults of all ages. We offer multiple Bible studies, Sunday School for all ages, Vacation Bible School, and Youth Group, to name a few. We worship passionately and care for others through numerous mission trips, most recently in Guatemala and Haiti.

Our beautiful grounds and building are used to fish for people through community events such as our Children’s Easter Celebration, RockFISH for youth, and the Living Nativity. Softball games, church-wide picnics, retreats, and family fellowship are all part of the many ways we build relationships with God and one another.

As we reflect on who we are today and where God is calling us to go, we remain faithful to the greatest two commandments: to love God with our whole being and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Our commitment to the greatest two commandments is seen in how we worship, serve, grow, and fellowship together.


We believe a vision should be rooted in scripture, specific, and call us to action. It guides our worship, outreach to the community, and how we care for one another. The vision God has given us comes from the 21st chapter of John’s Gospel:

Swift Creek is a John 21 Church.
Following the resurrected Lord, we aspire to:
* Worship passionately,
* Take holy risks,
* Fish for people together,
* Extend radical hospitality, and
* Tend to Jesus’ sheep.


Swift Creek began with two small Bible studies in western Chesterfield County. Commissioned in September 1991, we originally met in a movie theater. The Genito Forest Cinema was our home for seven years as we grew, added a choir, and baptized our first child. We purchased 15 acres (with a pond) on Woolridge Road and opened the building in March 1997.