“And all the believers met together in one place and shared everything they had.” 

Acts 2:44

Better together

At SCPC, we believe that growth happens in Groups!  Groups are the easiest and quickest way to get connected, grow in your faith and explore what it means to have a relationship with Christ.
Groups are gatherings of roughly 6-15 people who meet together on a regular basis. They are drawn together by common interests, a specific topic or activity or a particular demographic. In a typical Group you’ll meet people who live near you, are in the same stage of life as you or have similar interests.
Whether you are reading through a Bible Study together, discussing and wrestling through the weekly talks, serving in some sort of mission project or sharing a common interest, our Groups are places where community is built and lives are changed.
We offer two types of Groups at SCPC, Life Groups and Study Groups.
Life Groups are focused on an activity to connect people to each other and SCPC. A Life Group mostly draws in SCPC guests but often it attracts those who are regulars from SCPC who want to either make new friends or experience a new activity. Life Groups meet at various times and days.
Study Groups welcome all who have a desire to grow and share their spiritual journey. These Groups most often focus on a specific curriculum. Examples are: discussing the weekly message, studying a book of the Bible, studying a book/DVD series that focuses on a specific topic.

Any questions...please contact

Life Groups

Current life groups include:

Boating: various times and location
Pickleball: various times and locations
Young at Heart: (55+) various times and places
Men's Alliance: Mondays 7 pm at the church pavilion
Prayer: Tuesday 6:15 pm in the prayer room
Cross Trainers: (guys) Wednesdays 6 pm at church
Always open for new Life Group ideas!

Study Groups

Study groups are slightly different than Life Groups in a few ways but one important way is limiting the size of the group.  SCPC has the following study groups that have space available:

Ladies: Wednesdays @ Church 6:30 pm
Ladies: Thursdays @ Church 10:30 am
Men: Thursdays @ Church 7 pm

Start A group

To start a new Life Group or Studyl Group, please contact the Church office or the elder of adult discipleship.